Omni Commercial Group has managed hundreds of commercial projects from new builds to teardowns and rebuilds. A major contributor to the success of our company is our respect for safety. Construction sites can be dangerous for workers on the job, those visiting for site inspections, project managers assessing progress, and individuals not related to the construction process. When buildings are undergoing renovations or changes, regular employees often continue working in the building while work is on-going. It is important to share with regular employees some top safety tips prior to the start of construction. Here are a few of the top safety tips to share with your employees and anyone who might be on-site during the course of your construction project!

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is important to always be aware of your surroundings and to pay special attention to what is going on around you. On-site construction is often thought to only affect the area where the project is taking place, but this is not the case. Machinery to move heavy materials may be outside of the construction zone on a worksite some of the time but may at times be moved for use. Machinery and various equipment will also be brought in and out of the construction zone during various project phases. Always be on the lookout and be aware of what is going on around you to remain safe.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear in Marked Areas

At Omni Commercial Group, our employees value safety, which helps us complete construction projects correctly and safely. Our team ensures that restricted areas are noticeably marked, and that appropriate safety gear is available to be worn upon entry into these areas. A good example is when a hard hat is required, a barrier is placed to prevent anyone from entering the space without an appropriate hard hat. Other safety gear can include safety glasses and vests. This not only helps to keep construction workers safe but also anyone within the jobsite safe too.

Teach On-Site Construction Safety

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make when it comes to onsite construction projects is not prioritizing safety. Prior to an on-site project starting, regular employees should be aware of the project and know what is going on. Conduct a meeting and explain the areas that will be impacted, and what they can do to remain safe. Once the project has begun, hold follow-up meetings to keep employees up to date on the construction project. It is important to reach out to employees and teach them about onsite construction safety. If you need help in this area, our team can help! Our team regularly holds Toolbox Talks to promote our safety culture and start safety discussions on job sites.

Research the Construction Company You Are Hiring

The last tip for on-site construction safety comes into play before the work even starts on the project. It is important to choose a construction company that makes safety their top priority. Prior to choosing your commercial contractor for your next build, take the time to thoroughly research them. Check up on their business license, find out if they have ever had complaints or violations filed with OSHA, and research if they have been involved in any construction accidents. Researching a company can help you determine if they are conscious of safety, or if they have a habit of violating rules and regulations intended to keep people safe from harm. Would you trust a company with a long history of workplace injuries? The answer is likely no.

Here at Omni Commercial Group, we have managed hundreds of commercial projects safely and efficiently. Our respect for safety is a major contributor to the success of our projects. We have a great reputation for keeping both our construction workers safe, as well as other employees and personnel who work in and around our jobsites. If you are looking to have renovations made to your commercial building or you want a new commercial building constructed, contact us today.