Another winter in Illinois is on the horizon, the season of bitter cold, freezing rain, and blowing snow. Since winter’s season for bundling up and hunkering down, you might think that your company is at a standstill when it comes to construction, however, there is a lot a company can do even in the cold of winter. Winter doesn’t mean your projects have to go into hibernation. In fact, commercial construction projects done in the wintertime can sometimes lead to saved money and streamlined permitting.

While starting a commercial construction project in the winter can help keep costs down, the season comes with a wealth of pitfalls that a less-experienced company could fall victim to. Winter commercial construction can be arduous, so it is important to understand the challenges and choose the right commercial general contractor. If not, you may find yourself amid a construction project that is not winter ready, requiring you to face a few hurdles on the road to completion.

At Omni Commercial Group, we are specialists in modern construction. From beginning to end we have completed hundreds of projects year-round from new build, tear down, rebuild, and remodel. Our teams are well-versed in understanding the functionality of a space, and from our experience, here are some popular commercial projects that you can tackle during the winter.

Comfort From the Cold

When the cold strikes in Illinois people need extra layers of comfort and warmth to protect against winter weather. Commercial buildings also need an extra layer of comfort. This is why it is important to schedule a winter building maintenance inspection before subzero temperatures hit. Omni Commercial Group has been providing commercial building maintenance to its clients from day one. To ensure peak efficiency, inspect your building’s insulation for holes or compromised areas that could cause heat loss. Pay special attention to roofs, weather stripping, and unheated areas.

Maintenance and Repair

Your HVAC system works year-round, and the winter months can put added strain on these systems. Hire a professional for a full inspection of the HVAC equipment before it is needed. In addition to servicing the HVAC, preparations should be made to check on the plumbing and the roof before winter settles in. Omni Commercial can provide day-to-day commercial maintenance for almost any need with your building. From repairing doors and lighting fixtures both inside and out, to more complex electrical and plumbing issues, the team at Omni Commercial are experts in commercial maintenance. Let our team handle your seasonal maintenance and repairs.

Commercial Tenant Finishes

Many commercial properties, like retail and office spaces, rely on personalization of spaces to suit each tenants’ needs. Much of this work is conducted indoors and happens all year. A build-out usually occurs when a commercial space previously finished for one tenant has to be changed for a new tenant. The original tenant’s improvements or finishes are demolished for the new tenant’s build. This can include updating and modernizing the space, including bringing it to current energy-efficient standards. Omni has completed hundreds of build-out projects for clients throughout the years. Our experience and attention to detail help ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and as planned.

Commercial Remodel

Many commercial properties find that their office or storefront may be out of date, or they just want to change things up a bit; undergoing a renovation is a great way to spruce up things that feel dated. Businesses often choose to remodel their space primarily because it is more cost effective than moving into a new facility. From restaurant refinishes at Chick-fil-A Restaurant, to corporate offices for the Food and Drug Administration, Motorola, and Hamilton Partners, Omni has managed business remodels for clients in almost every business sector.

As you can see, even though another winter in Illinois is imminent, there is a lot a company can do during winter when you partner with a seasoned commercial contractor! Omni Commercial Group has managed hundreds of commercial projects safely and efficiently regardless of what season it is. A major contributor to the success of our projects is due to the unions we choose to work with! If you are looking for a reputable general contractor in the Chicagoland area, think Omni Commercial Group. Contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.