Building out a commercial space is a big decision and often is a new experience for business owners. Whether your commercial project is a new build, tear down, rebuild, or update, complex decisions will be made along the way. One of the biggest decisions will come when hiring a contractor for your project. When you think of hiring a contractor for a project, labor costs and time to completion are likely your top concerns. However, there is much more to it!

While navigating the process of finding qualified contractors, it’s important to look beyond cost and time to some more qualitative aspects. For instance, have you considered hiring a union contractor? There are real benefits to hiring union contractors; you get the best trained, most safety-minded workers in the industry who stay up to date with regular continuing education requirements to hone their skills.

Specialized Training                      

Illinois benefits from having a vast majority of specialized union construction trades. Employees of the construction trades belong to a locally organized and often internationally recognized trade union. The unions have state and nationally recognized apprenticeship programs that regulate the required education and hands-on training of its craftspeople, and apprenticeship programs. At Omni Commercial Group, we have partnered with some of the most renowned unions to give our clients and our team the very best in the industry.

Utilizing union workers ensures that experts are on the job site, and while you might not have realized it, many specialty areas exist within union construction trades. Using professionals for your construction project provides you with the highest quality of work for your building, from foundation to finishing touches. Foremen and supervisors also typically receive special training upon completing their initial training and work hands-on for a significant amount of time before elevating through the ranks.

Repair and Restoration Specialization

These highly trained, talented craftspeople also specialize in restoration. Our union employees are skilled in building restoration and remodeling. At Omni Commercial Group we know all buildings deserve a second chance! When you want to restore an older building to its original glory, union contractors can do it.

Restoration, especially historical restoration, requires specialized tools and knowledge. Union contractors have access to these specialized tools and equipment for proper restoration, additionally they have the professional training necessary to handle this kind of work.

Get Access to Highly Trained, Highly Skilled Workforce 

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a signatory contractor is having access to the highest quality of workers. The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) are an excellent example, as all their members receive specialized training through the LIUNA Training and Education Fund. There, they have access to one of the premier adult training organizations in the world. With over 70 affiliated training centers servicing every state and province. This means signatory contractors have a wide pool of excellent resources to fill open jobs. 

Safer Worksites

Worker safety is a top priority for all individuals in the construction industry, and Omni Commercial Group is no exception. Our union workers are extremely well trained, especially when it comes to safety on the job. We partner with some of the most renowned unions to give our clients the very best in the industry. By providing Omni with continued education, safety training, and company support, our partners have been a vital aspect of our business since day one. As a result, union work sites are some of the safest found anywhere.

Satisfied Workers

Research has shown that union membership tends to lower turnover rates in the workplace. This is likely due to the strong wage potential union members have, as well as the fact that workers that are unionized are more likely to feel that they have a ‘seat at the table’ and processes in place to address workplace grievances.

Omni Commercial Group has managed hundreds of commercial projects safely and efficiently. And a major contributor to the success of our projects is due to the unions we choose to work with! If you are looking for a reputable general contractor in Chicago, think Omni Commercial Group. Contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.