Omni Commercial Group has managed hundreds of commercial projects from new builds, to tear down, and rebuilds. A major contributor to the success of our project managers and construction specialists is their respect for safety. We have a team of experienced, well-trained carpenters and laborers to complete construction. Our employees value safety which helps us complete construction projects correctly and safely. We are able to work so efficiently and stay safe because we have several processes to mitigate the risk, including safety training programs and incentive programs.

Omni Commercial Group also partners with some of the most renowned unions to give our clients and our team the very best in the industry. By providing Omni with continued education, safety training, and company support, our partners have been a vital aspect of our business since day one. Most recently, our own Matthew Hjerpe was a winner of the Chicago Area LECET LiUNA! 2022 Safety Incentive Program! The purpose of this program is to encourage workers to be more aware of safety on their job sites! To qualify, participants must have no work-related accidents or illnesses and have at least 1,000 hours of work.

Building a safety-centric workforce yields many benefits. These include:

  1. Streamline Knowledge Across New and Experienced Workers

Safety training is an ongoing commitment; it is vital to train new staff on the correct safety measures. Even if they have completed some safety training, Omni Commercial Group always gives them some more to enhance their prior experience. We carry this through to our more experienced and senior workers. This ensures our safety program is up to date for everyone, it may have been a long time since they received safety training, and certain practices may have been improved or changed. This confirms our commitment to safety; we work to ensure that all Omni Commercial Group employees have the same level of training and knowledge.

  1. Reduce Workplace Injuries

Reducing accidents is not only a good economic goal, but it is a moral obligation for all of us. Omni Commercial Group invests in the proper safety training to effectively reduce the number of injuries on our projects and job sites. Our employees learn about practices and procedures such as fall protection, safe ladder usage, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) so they are better prepared to avoid injury on site. The safety of our personnel is our top priority.

  1. Boost Productivity

Our strong safety culture inherently improves Omni Commercial Group’s productivity levels. Our seasoned laborers are confident in their safety procedures, so they will be able to navigate the job site. The Omni Commercial Group team does not second-guess how to behave on-site, meaning our productivity levels soar.

  1. Cut Costs

The biggest incentive is the cost savings for our clients! It is no secret that workplace injuries can be incredibly costly for businesses, especially construction companies. The costs associated with construction workplace accidents can add up extremely quickly, but with our safety culture and training, we prevent injuries on job sites, which helps us avoid those expenses altogether.

Would you trust a company with a long history of mistreating employees or of workplace injuries? Would you feel confident partnering with such an organization and handing over your hard-earned money to them? The answer here is likely no.

Omni Commercial Group has managed hundreds of commercial projects safely and efficiently. As you can see, a major contributor to the success of our projects is our employees’ respect for safety. If you are looking for a reputable general contractor in Chicago, think Omni Commercial Group. Contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.