At Omni Commercial Group, one of our key principles is building strong relationships with our clients. Our refined partnerships with our clients have become the foundation of our modern construction company. It is our belief that relationships define how buildings are constructed. A good working relationship built on trust and understanding can go a long way when issues arise on a project. From the spark of an idea to design, and the final product, relationships affect each and every aspect.

Omni forged strong relationships over thirty years ago beginning with our founder and his original client-base. Those relationships have withstood the test of time through upgrades of technology, education, and leadership adjustments. Today, Omni still relies on building relationships with our clients as our foundation. By valuing our client relationships, we have built an exceptional team of skilled and dedicated professionals who take pride in their work and have an outstanding reputation.

So how do we make partnerships with our clients our foundation? Here are a few ways that we ensure a great client experience:

  1. Communication

Establishing clear communication with our client is probably the most important step to building a strong relationship. We begin by establishing a single point of contact who will be responsible for all communications with our clients, the Project Manager.

Our Project Managers will simplify the flow of information and eliminate any confusion. It is their responsibility to keep the client informed with regular project updates. They also will keep the client in the loop should an issue or potential problem arise that may lead to a delay in completion. Above all, they show the client that we are on top of the situation, and we have a plan of action to keep the project moving forward.

  1. Clear Estimate and Contract

Omni Commercial Group will deliver a clear and concise estimate and contract whether you’re a first-time client or we have worked with you for years. Upon request our team of estimators will provide a timely proposal to you. It will clearly outline the scope of work, payments, change orders, and claims. Once the proposal has been agreed upon, Omni Commercial Group’s team of project managers will handle everything from permitting and submittals after the award of the project. Our project managers are experienced in knowing how to set up a project to begin.

  1. Collaboration

Commercial construction is our specialty at Omni. Our teams are well versed in working with our clients to understand the functionality of the space and the aesthetics. We collaborate well with owners, tenants, architects, engineers, and all the teams involved in creating commercial spaces where business gets done. We focus on determining what aspects are the most important to the client and engage with them throughout the entire construction process.

Omni Commercial Group has been an industry leader for commercial construction services because we build strong relationships with our clients. Omni has built an exceptional team who take pride in their work and have earned an outstanding reputation in the marketplace with clients, subcontractors, architects, and other construction professionals. If you are looking for a reputable general contractor in Chicago, think Omni Commercial Group. Contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.