Hybrid working models became popular due to the pandemic last year. Organizations are allowing employees to work from home full or part time, coming into the office for a few days a week. With less employees coming into the office, the space might start to feel empty and unused. Some organizations are considering allowing their employees to continue with this hybrid working model even after vaccines have been distributed and it’s safe to return to work full time. That leaves a lot of office space open for reinterpretation. Organizations can make room for more company-focused events (i.e. company gatherings, meetings, events, etc.). However, this also means organizations need to be mindful of their employee’s workspaces at home.

Planning an Office at Home

Helping your employees succeed at home helps your entire organization become more successful and productive. Nobody expected to have to work from home, so there are undoubtedly employees that didn’t have a dedicated office space. With the hybrid working model becoming increasingly popular, this might be something to consider for your employees. CNBC reports that some companies gave out a one-time stipend for home offices, while others are giving a monthly stipend. This stipend can be used to purchase a computer, chair, desk, and even internet.

Companies started giving their employees stipends for their home offices shortly after the pandemic began. Forbes wrote that Google gave their employees a $1,000 stipend for their home offices, however the CEO finds value in working in the office and will keep Google’s famous campuses. You don’t have to give your employees $1,000 for their home office, but it is good to consider their workspace at home. Giving them a positive remote setting will contribute to your company’s overall productivity.

Reimagining the Workspace

Open office plans are here to stay, but how safe are they? Reimagining your workspace to keep it healthier for employees even post-pandemic will result in less sick days, happier employees, and a healthier environment for everyone. One way you can protect your employees is by installing clear plastic guards between everyone’s work desks. They may be a temporary solution that could be taken down post-pandemic, but until everyone has the vaccine it’s best to stay safe. Organizations are also considering reimagining the layout of workspaces to provide adequate space between all desks and wide, clear walking areas.

Additionally, you can choose to remodel your office space if your team is going to adopt a hybrid working model. Creating a collaborate workspace removes some of the desks and offices to open the plan up to a more joint space where team members can participate in brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and team building events. While some companies are considering abandoning their office altogether, this option allows you to keep a tangible place to work and gives the opportunity to bring clients or future employees. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean getting rid of your office spaces altogether. It’s important to provide private areas for employees to work and concentrate, if necessary. No matter which option you choose, be sure there is sufficient ventilation in your office spaces. Keeping the air moving is important for optimal health year-round.


If you’re considering redesigning your office to adapt to the growing popularity of the hybrid working model, remember to consider providing appropriate spacing, keeping safe and clean levels of ventilation, and helping employees work from home successfully. You can trust Omni Commercial Group to design and execute your new office floor plans. Contact us today to get started on your office reimagination.