Omni Commercial Group is an industry leader for commercial construction services, and we consider that our specialty. The term “commercial construction services” and the scope of projects they encompass can range depending on the general contractor. Commercial construction is a general term that refers to a broad sector of construction that encompasses a multitude of projects. These projects are unlike residential construction; commercial construction deals with corporate representatives, including a team of architect, engineers, and designers.

History of Omni Commercial Group

Omni Commercial Group began with facility maintenance, fixing broken buildings. As Omni Commercial Group worked more with clients’ buildings and their needs, services were continuously added. Today, Omni Commercial Group, Inc. is an industry leader for commercial construction services. Born out of experience that began in 1985, Omni has built an exceptional team of skilled and dedicated professionals who take pride in their work and have earned an outstanding reputation in the marketplace with clients, subcontractors, architects, and other construction professionals. Over the years, we have completed several projects in the following areas.

Common Types of Projects Omni Commercial Group Specializes In

  1. Banking Institutions and Retailers

Banking institutions and retail stores can either be in stand-alone buildings or within a shopping mall. These projects can include multiple locations and branding consistency must be considered. Omni Commercial Group’s project team works closely with the client and their architect to ensure the work being done includes design flair and ambience to enhance the image of the company.

  1. Medical Facilities

This type of commercial construction project includes places like hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy centers, and veterinarian facilities. This type of project requires intensive planning for efficient functionality. Omni’s team of professionals have transformed complex research and development facilities to pharmaceutical facilities.

  1. Office Buildings

Commercial buildings containing offices can be very diverse. The scope of this type of commercial construction project can range from small business office spaces to functional facilities, office complexes, to skyscrapers. The skyscrapers can house a mix of businesses, so safety and logistics must be considered. Omni Commercial Group develops a plan that considers safety, schedule, and logistics that work for all facility occupants and adjacent buildings.

  1. Hotels and Lodging Facilities

Hotels and lodging facilities involve meeting several special requirements, like room size, soundproofing, and fluidity of movement. Luxury and comfort also must be considered. Whether contemplating a refresh of the lobby or remodeling the individual rooms, our project team strives to create an innovative luxurious atmosphere.

  1. Institutional Buildings

Institutional buildings include high schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and learning centers. These facilities are multifunctional with libraries, classrooms, offices, lobbies, and laboratories. Managing budgets that may include one to many different organizations paying for the final work is critical to a successful project. Omni has a tremendous amount of experience finishing spaces with budgets that vary from hundreds to millions of dollars.

  1. Industrial Structures

Industrial facilities include factories and warehouses. They incorporate large open areas with high ceilings to compensate for large equipment. Functionality and flow also must be considered for safety. There are many industrial facilities that have specialized building requirements, such as shipping docks, raised ceiling heights, equipment planning, and heavy machinery. Omni Commercial Group has the experience and relationships to bring you a best-in class construction team to manage and build your projects.

  1. Sports Facilities

These construction projects include fitness centers, stadiums, arenas, and even school facilities like gymnasiums and play areas. These projects are different because of the specific design factor and function. These sport and athletic types of construction plan out seating that could accommodate many spectators mixed with equipment planning. Safety is also a critical aspect of planning in these types of facilities. Omni Commercial Group has been trusted by some the industry’s leading facility management development companies to manage construction projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Omni Commercial Group has hundreds of years of experience through our team of successful project managers and construction specialists. From beginning to end, we have managed several types of projects. The type of work that we specialize in on these projects can be broken down into the following classifications:

  1. Renovations

Renovations or retrofits are projects that involve improving an existing structure. This can include transforming a space to freshen up the business image. Omni Commercial has re-imaged clients since it opened its doors in 1996. From restaurant refinishes to corporate offices, Omni has managed business remodels for clients in almost every business sector.

  1. Design-to-Suit

Also called fit-out or build-out projects, these projects are typically on rental or leased spaces. Clients will want to update these spaces to make them suitable for their tenants needs. Tenant finishes can be tricky for building owners, managers, and tenants. The OmniCPM program ensures smooth communication and transition from start to finish; our experience and attentional to detail will ensure the space is completed on time, on budget, and as planned.

  1. Expansions

Expansions happen when a commercial space is in an excellent location or is owned and the business is experiencing cramped facilities. Omni Commercial Group engages with the business owner to efficiently add onto their space to give more room to operate and grow. It also includes developing a plan that considers safety, schedule, and logistics for minimal operational disruption.

Omni Commercial Group is an industry leader for commercial construction services, and we consider that our specialty. We can provide this wide array of commercial construction services because of our general contracting experience helping us to bring these projects to completion. Omni Commercial has the experience and relationships to bring you the best construction team to manage and build your commercial projects. When our clients need professional supervision for management of their projects, they turn to us! Contact us today or send us your RFP.