If you own a commercial property, you will want to maximize your investment. When it comes to getting tenants into your commercial building, many times it all comes down to amenities. Amenities help to catch the tenant’s eye, bring benefits to themselves or their employees, and help curate memorable experiences. At Omni Commercial Group, our team is well versed in working with clients to understand the functionality of a space and the aesthetics. With expectations running high in commercial real estate, below are six of the most preferred commercial building amenities.

Tenant Lounge

Add real value to your commercial space by adding this fun and spacious amenity, a tenant lounge. This amenity will give tenant employees a great space to go to on their breaks, with comfortable seating and activities like gaming systems, ping-pong tables, or TVs. It can also be utilized for hosting social mixers to allow tenants to get to know one another and to build a sense of community.

Outdoor Space

Give tenants a breath of fresh air! Make sure your outdoor amenities are as impressive as what you provide indoors. An attractive patio, scenic rooftop deck with lots of seating, or even a dog park will allow employees to get outside, recharge, and bring their company fur-friends to a safe spot. Additionally, tables covered outdoors can act as working stations which will benefit those who prefer to take their work outdoors.

Fitness Facility

Want to stand apart from the rest of the crowd? Offer a professional-grade fitness facility for tenants that wish to exercise before and/or after work. People today care about fitness more than ever, but they also have less time. An onsite fitness facility helps employees squeeze in workouts on their breaks. Don’t forget the locker rooms with showers, too. Tiny workout rooms with a treadmill and a limited set of weights are things of the past. People today expect more, including large fitness centers with staff, classes, locker rooms, and showers.

Reliable, Fast, Common Wi-Fi

If your commercial building doesn’t include Wi-Fi, you are at a disadvantage. More and more tenants appreciate having their Wi-Fi included in their common area expenses. Companies expect their employees to be able to stay connected to their tech tools even when they step outside the office suite or while on break. Having common areas with fast and reliable Wi-Fi helps new tenants by giving them one less aspect to worry about.

Better Bathrooms

Hygiene has always been a concern for employees, especially after living through a pandemic. They will appreciate eliminating high touch areas to lessen the spread of diseases. There are many ways to combat the high-touch areas and make safer, better, and cleaner bathrooms. One way is installing hand waving sensors to open doors and dispense towels and soap. Another option is getting rid of doors completely and using wall placement designed for privacy. An example of this is airport or other public bathrooms where individuals can simply walk in without having to worry about touching a door, but they are still given privacy by strategic wall placement.

Conference Facilities

Be sure your commercial space will offer tenants the option for a conference area. Not every tenant needs enough space for a conference room, but they will need meeting spaces occasionally. Conference rooms that are shared by multiple tenants that can be booked online will help tenants decrease their overall footprint and maximize the efficiency of their space. Additionally, installing the means to have video and phone conferencing is a must in these shared spaces.


When it comes to attracting tenants, expectations can be high, and you may not be able to offer everything on this list (or you may have a lot of it already). If you can offer some unique amenity that no other site offers, you’ll set yourself apart. Deciding on the best amenity might not be easy, but Omni Commercial Group is here to help. Together, we know that we can create an amenity that is sure to impress your tenants. Contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.