Omni Commercial Group has helped small business owners transition their spaces since our beginning in 1985. Many small businesses find that their office or storefront may be out of date, or they just want to change things up a bit; undergoing a renovation is a great way to spruce up the place. In addition to simply remodeling for aesthetic reasons, there are many great strategies you can implement during the renovation to ensure it’s not only going to make the place look good, but that it will also benefit the business.

From aligning branding efforts to building energy efficiency, small businesses can use their renovation project to improve efficiency and reach more potential customers. Here are a few strategies for using renovation to expand your small business:

Align Brand

Many small businesses can utilize brand recognition through their renovation process, and it is an important aspect to ensure that your brand is aligned and recognized. Renovating your office or store helps unify branding efforts. Components of branding will include paint schemes that are used in your branding, what emotions you want to instill in those who are inside your building, and you may even consider incorporating your logo’s design into the space. This helps keep your small business top of mind and creates a holistic brand across your entire organization.

Include Energy Efficiency

A renovation presents an ideal opportunity to implement building energy efficiency measures into the plan. Companies that take proactive measures to staunch their energy consumption can maintain lower utility bills. Green building is on the rise, so focus your efforts on reducing energy consumption by upgrading lighting systems and increasing natural lighting. Consider installation of blinds and skylights to encourage natural lighting. By incorporating these features into the small business renovation, you can lower your annual energy costs by a substantial margin.

Optimize Space

The first step a small business renovation brings is the opportunity to evaluate the floor plan. Utilize this time to review the layout and consider where people will spend their day to collaborate, meet with clients, or retreat. More space also means that employees can work more efficiently since they reduce the distraction of being too close. As competition for top prospects becomes greater, even the slightest incentive, such as an efficient floor plan, can be the one thing that makes the difference.

Grant Opportunities

A small business renovation can be a major undertaking, requiring a large influx of capital for the project. From the contractors to the materials, remodeling your office or store will require careful budgeting and resource allocation. As shown, these projects can generate growth opportunities if you implement a strategy to use the renovation to your benefit.

Luckily, many small business grant programs are available across the country to make these projects more attainable for small business owners. When you add energy efficient features, this can open you up to more grant accessibilities. Check with the Small Business Development Center and the US Chamber of Commerce for further information.

If you’re considering renovating your small business, you can trust Omni Commercial Group to design and execute your new office floor plans. Contact us today to get started on your commercial remodeling project!