A commercial remodel is a unique opportunity to connect with customers in new ways and market your business. Businesses often choose to remodel their space primarily because it is more cost effective than moving into a new facility. As with any business investment, one of the biggest concerns is whether the purchase will monetarily pay off. When done right, commercial renovation delivers high ROI while improving property value.

Certain type of improvements you may select have a greater impact on your bottom line over others. Omni Commercial Group wants to help you get the biggest return on your investment when it comes to renovating your existing commercial space. Commercial remodels are the ideal time to implement cost-saving improvements. To get the highest ROI out of your commercial remodel focus on these key elements. 

Safety Upgrades

If your commercial space is in an older building, then the space is probably lacking some modern safety features. Security technology offers a myriad of benefits. Some are obvious, like the ability to cut costs by relying on fewer security staff members. But some are less obvious. Installing new features that increase the safety of your space can help reduce accident risk, support employee productivity, and prevent worker’s compensation claims. The benefits will likely save you and your business money. There is nothing better than building a better reputation as a very safe company! If you want to build a company culture of safety, make sure your space has all the best safety and security features.  If it doesn’t, this will be an important part of your commercial remodel.

Cosmetic Improvements

Depending on its prior use, your commercial space may have many noticeable cosmetic issues that should be addressed. Visitors will notice outdated fixtures, old carpet, peeling paint, or any other worn features. An outdated office typically does not reflect the energy and values of a vibrant modern firm. A remodeling project for your business can help you redesign your space into the office of your dreams while strengthening your brand’s appeal. A fresh, clean appearance will certainly attract more customers to your business.

Productivity Enhancement

A commercial remodel is the ideal time to improve productivity and efficiency. Start by improving the layout of the space or increasing the capacity. A redesign can also include the installation of better equipment that will help employees do their job more efficiently. Upgrading lighting not only increases visibility, but it also allows employees to work more quickly with less error. Increasing the number of electrical outlets employees have access to will also boost their productivity. Air quality is a major concern for many employees, so consider implementing the latest HVAC enhancements with more accurate, cleaner systems to increase your staff’s comfort and productivity.

Sustainable Features

Implementing energy efficient systems when remodeling can lead to significant savings! Sustainable features are good for the planet and attract eco-conscious customers. There are many environmentally friendly features to consider adding to your space. Energy efficient HVAC units have a huge positive impact by sealing, insulating, or replacing ducts. With the recent push on sustainability efforts, by creating a healthier space, coupled with key green initiatives, you will cement your building for the future.

As you can see the types of improvements you choose will lead to a greater impact on your overall return on investment. It is also an opportunity to implement cost savings improvements that will not only appeal to your bottom line but to your customers as well! Take the first step towards building a brighter future for your commercial business. You can trust Omni Commercial Group to design and execute your new office floor plans. Contact us today to get started on your commercial remodeling project!