Omni Commercial Group has been an industry leader for commercial construction services for over 30 years. Our team of professionals have earned a reputation in the marketplace with clients, subcontractors, architects, and other construction professionals. To improve your commercial property, our extensive experience has shown us that means doing improvements. This is a way to breathe new life into existing commercial real estate markets. Some of these value-add components of a commercial real estate deal can include renovations, repairs, building reconfiguration, additions, zone changes, and more.

Value-add investments require real estate investors who have expert knowledge in identifying the areas of the property where value can be added. It is equally important to work with a general contractor that has enough experience to professionally handle your project. Experienced general contractors are well versed in working with clients to understand the functionality of a space as well as its aesthetics. Value-add investments are a big decision, be sure to ask the right questions from your general contractor to help you find the best fit for your project.

Here are some potential ways to improve your commercial property. These commercial construction alterations can transform your property from common place to memorable:

  1. Build Outs

A build out represents the commercial construction activities executed to a building space to make it functional for a tenant. Build outs frequently involve an architect that focuses on the design aspect of the interior, while the construction is implemented by a commercial contractor, like Omni Commercial Group. This usually occurs when a commercial space had previous tenant finishing; the original tenant improvements are demolished for the new build. This offers an opportunity to update and modernize. The building should be up-to-date and comparable to surrounding buildings in quality and representative of the area’s aesthetic and style. It is also important to update the HVAC system to energy-efficient standards. Updating water heaters and lights will also create value-add.

  1. Market Ready

Proprietors often make market-ready improvements to commercial spaces to stimulate interest in the property from potential tenants. Modifications can stimulate interest in the property for potential tenants or buyers. Market ready projects usually involve extensive modifications that require the utmost coordination and care to ensure each suite showcases the best features of each unique space. Though each space has its own personality, features, and fixtures, it must be clear that these new market-ready suites are unified by the exceptional attention to detail that was exercised throughout the process. Updated ADA-compliant features, new LED lighting, and open-plan layouts bring these turnkey spaces into the new decade, ready and waiting for the new tenants who will call them home. Want even more appeal? Consider the addition of a top amenity. Amenities can also help to catch the tenant’s eye, bring benefits to themselves or their employees, and help curate a memorable experience.

  1. Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse is the process of reusing an old property site or building for a purpose other than the use for which it was originally built or designed to accommodate. Adaptive reuse is becoming more common as concerns about sustainability grow. Commercial real estate companies who are struggling with low occupancy can repurpose their buildings based on the current market demand. Many properties that were previously malls and department stores are vacant, but they can be repurposed to become profitable again. Omni Commercial Group is experienced in giving vacant properties new life and has worked on preserving properties for adaptive reuse projects across the Chicagoland area.

  1. Replace Doors/Upgrade Entrance Systems

Replacing doors from standard hollow core doors to sturdier, more visually appealing doors can also add a unique appearance to a commercial space. Modern workplaces are eliminating high touch areas to lessen the spread of diseases. One of the biggest culprits is touching doors. Consider installing modern, touchless access control systems that utilize fobs, mobile devices, and tablets. This is an easy, low-cost upgrade that benefits every user in the building. Invest in better access entry systems that are future-proof and offer a better user experience.

  1. Green and Sustainable Building

Green building is on the rise and a green retrofit will increase a building’s value by allowing it to operate more efficiently. Many of these projects focus on reducing energy consumption by upgrading lighting systems, HVAC systems, cutting water consumption, and reducing waste. However, with a green project, the selection of key sustainable materials is used from the flooring type, wallcoverings, and insulation. It is maximizing the space to incorporate natural lighting for health and wellbeing. Any green building project that reduces energy consumption and the related costs will provide long-term savings to building owners and boost a building’s competitive edge.

  1. Improve the Aesthetic of a Space

Interior designers play an important role in the design and layout of a space. Commercial building aesthetics describe the overall look of a building, both inside and out. It is important to note if it conforms to what a consumer would expect to see as the representation of the business. Aesthetics deal with the appeal of a building towards the average user. In the case of a commercial buildings, the visual appeal can dramatically impact a business’ bottom line. Omni Commercial Group’s project team works closely with the client and their designers to ensure the work being done meets the needs of the client’s business while offering details that may include design flair and ambience to enhance the image of the company.

  1. Improve the Exterior

For commercial success, a business’ building should look like a place of commerce. This makes it much easier when clients are attempting to locate the structure in a city filled with other buildings. Being able to identify a building as commercial can sometimes mean the difference between winning and losing a client. Update the exterior with an attractive patio, scenic rooftop deck with lots of seating, or even a dog park to allow employees to get outside. Additionally, tables covered outdoors can act as working stations which will benefit those who prefer to take their work outdoors. Finally, rebuild the walkway, upgrade the exterior lighting, or build corrals to hide dumpsters for a boosted value-add.

  1. Upgrade Signage

Signage is typically the first thing that people see as they approach or enter the commercial space. A sign that is difficult read, hidden by bushes or other landscaping elements, or that needs a repair can decrease the value of the property. If a property’s sign is outdated, a replacement is needed. Fonts, graphics, and color schemes can show their age quickly. Invest in a new sign with modernized colors, graphics, and fonts. Incorporate environmental graphics or change a flat wall sign to a hanging or monument sign with some depth. Modernize your neon to be environmentally friendly LEDs or commit to a stylish, new, neon-look sign for a bright, vibrant appeal.

This new world of virtual and hybrid working models has heightened the need for flexible office spaces, smarter spaces, and healthier buildings. Even though there is no clear vision for the future, an office space positioned with the best infrastructure and modernization will attract the best tenants. Be sure to work with a general contractor that has enough experience to professionally handle your project. Omni Commercial Group has experienced general contractors that are well versed in working with clients and architects to understand the functionality of a space as well as its aesthetics. Contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.