The return of employees to the workplace has introduced new challenges to business leaders and commercial property owners. The future of work is hybrid, but the workplace design must shift from office-centric to human-centric. Companies could create issues for their team if they are not open to alternatives for how and where employees work. With employers battling for talent, business leaders who create a human-centric workplace design position themselves as the employer of choice.

What remains the same is the desire to increase and encourage productivity by creating the optimal office space. This involves much more than just setting up some desks. Businesses today have a variety of solutions to make daily tasks flow more efficiently. Omni Commercial Group has helped several business owners with the hybrid workplace transition, and we have learned how to help them make their spaces right for their needs. First, you need to start by analyzing the design of your workplace.

Here are five tips to help you make your office design more efficient:

  1. Open Up Your Office Space

The first step to achieving a more efficient office design is to open up more space. The new hybrid working model transforms the office from a place where people spend their day to a place where staff collaborate, meet with clients, or retreat. More space also means that employees can work more efficiently since they reduce the distraction of being too close to others. As you move through the redesign process, don’t overlook the restroom which also could also benefit from a redesign.

  1. Bring In More Natural Lighting

Nothing hampers productivity like a poorly lit room. It is very important to fill the space with light, both natural and artificial. No employee wants to work in a dim office, especially if they have tasks that require adequate lighting. Green buildings are on the rise, so focus your efforts on reducing energy consumption by upgrading lighting systems and increasing natural lighting. Consider installation of blinds and skylights to encourage natural lighting. Providing more lighting is an ideal way to make your office more vibrant.

  1. Utilize Glass Partitions

All office workplaces need a conference room or collaboration area. When contemplating your redesigned space, don’t be feel bound using drywall. While that is the most common method of creating a room, consider a glass partition. When you use glass partitions, it opens the area up and encourages more collaboration with the use of natural light.

  1. Create Breakout Areas

While revisiting your space allocation, incorporate breakout areas. So, what is a breakout space? Breakout spaces are areas without a predetermined purpose. For instance, a conference ends, people tend to huddle around someone’s desk to discuss. With a breakout space, employees can collaborate in an “undefined” area. Breakout areas are the ultimate representation of the hybrid working model. Breakout areas could also be designated areas for employees to relax and take a break away from their desks. The possibilities are endless but well needed.

  1. Sit and Stand Desks

Desks are essential for the office environment; employees come in, sit down, and work on their computers. These same employees can attest to the fact that the act of sitting down for hours can become strenuous; they must stand up to walk from time to time. The typical work routine rarely allows the health benefits of movement. Modern offices are replacing their typical work desks with sit and stand desks. The benefits of standing desks can boost their productivity, increase energy, and improve mental focus. It is an effective way of designing an efficient office.

The layout of your space can affect worker productivity and this compounds with the addition of the hybrid working model. Omni Commercial Group has helped numerous business owners upgrade their office spaces, and we have learned how to help them make their spaces right for their needs. You can trust Omni Commercial Group to design and execute your new office floor plans. Contact us today to get started on your next efficient office design!