If your commercial space is starting to feel inefficient, it may be time for change. Remodeling your business to fit your needs could be exactly what you’re looking for. Or, it may be time to move and either build or find an existing space. If you optimize your commercial space, then you’ll benefit more than just better aesthetics. Even the layout of your space can affect worker productivity. Whether it’s a complete remodel or new construction, Omni Commercial Group will partner with you to ensure your commercial space is optimized to work for you now and in the future.

Have A Plan

The first tip to optimizing your commercial space may seem simple but it’s vital to the success of your organization. Have a plan! Rather than immediately buying expensive furniture to change your office space, take a step back and look at what your business currently has and what it needs. Remodeling may be more beneficial if big changes are needed. Using the space you already have with some added touch ups can have many benefits. This said, newly constructing your business to your specific needs could be what you need instead. The best way to do this is to partner with a professional, like Omni Commercial Group, who will help you optimize your commercial space.

Plan for Collaboration and Open Areas

Now that you’ve starting considering a plan for your commercial space, keep in mind creating open areas and planning for collaboration. The last thing you want is for your employees is to be constantly interrupted by high traffic areas or using insufficient meeting areas. Creating open spaces to walk and relax will help promote the separation of work time and relaxation time. This comes with many physiological benefits for your workers, including reduced stress and increased focus. You also want this environment to enhance communication and collaboration. Whether this is remodeling your existing space or new construction, don’t forget about collaboration and open areas.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Studies have shown that the color and intensity of your lighting can have a drastic effect on human behavior, both good and bad. This means that in order to keep your employees productive, there has to be proper lighting. You want lighting that can properly illuminate your office in a pleasing way that isn’t too glaring or too dim. The lighting in your office should keep everyone alert but not on edge. The best way you can do this is by asking your team how they feel about the lighting in the office and if they notice any symptoms, like headaches, that can come from lights being too bright. Our team at Omni Commercial Group will insure that you get the proper lighting installed for your commercial space’s needs.

Note Technology Requirements and Location

Always keep in mind your team’s and commercial space’s technical requirements and locations. For example, if you have equipment that needs access to a specific type of outlet, then you need a specific place for its location. Or, rather than moving the things that can stay stationary, it is easy to plan around these locations. By doing this you’ll preserve and enhance the efficiency of everyone inside your building.

Plan for Growth

The final and possibly most important tip to optimizing your commercial space is planning for growth. If your business continues to grow, you could have different needs for your workspace than you currently do. It can be extremely frustrating to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling to have it work against you in the future. Take a step back to think about where your business will be in three to five years and ask if it will fit your needs. Omni Commercial Group can help you through this recommended step. We will help you plan your remodel or new build to benefit you for years to come.


Optimizing your commercial space could be the change your business needs. With a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, why wouldn’t you consider a change? Whether it’s a simple change in scenery or a complete remodel of your workspace, it’s sure to take your office to the next level. Remember to contact a professional before taking any expressive action on your business. Reach out to our team at Omni Commercial Group. We will help you construct a commercial setting that’s perfectly suited to your needs.