Businesses in all sectors have been rethinking the role of the office space since the uncertainty caused by the pandemic began. As we head into 2022, some employers and employees are growing weary of working from home, urging a continued rise of an emerging hybrid work model. The pandemic has ushered in the greatest remote work experiment the world has ever seen; now, employers face the task of luring employees back into the office. Now is the time to breathe new life into your existing commercial space. If you are wondering if your space could benefit from a commercial remodel, it is important to focus on these key aspects.

Outdated Appearance

Inspect your current commercial space with complete honesty. If your commercial space is still reflecting an open office with desks closely grouped together, this can feel antiquated, old-fashioned, and outdated. Modern spaces create collaborative areas for teams to get together for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and team-building events. This new world of virtual and hybrid working models has heightened the need for flexible office spaces, smarter spaces, and healthier buildings. If your space appears behind the times in comparison with other, similar spaces, a commercial remodel could be a benefit.

Noticeable Deterioration

If your commercial space is showing signs of deterioration, this is a clear sign that your building needs an update. Wear and tear on office walls (including paint fading or chipping) or flooring showing noticeable wear in high-traffic areas are signs that an update is needed. Check your ceiling for signs of leakage and look around for any other structural issues that may cause concern. This review will include examining the furniture around your space; does it look shabby, tired, and old? If you notice any signs of deterioration, chances are your employees will notice, too. This is a sure sign of a necessary remodel.

You Need More Room

If your office space is going to adopt a hybrid working model, creating a collaborative workspace will involve removing some desks and offices to open the plan up to add more joint space where team members can participate in brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and team building events. In addition, it is important to provide private areas for employees to work and concentrate, if necessary. If you notice that your commercial space lacks adequate room, that is a sign that it needs a professional remodel. Adding space or laying your space out in a better way is a great way to attract employees back into the office.

Your Employees Are Experiencing Difficulties

Your office environment should strive to make things as efficient as possible for its employees and patrons. If your employees are experiencing difficulties, it can be disastrous to workplace productivity. In a hybrid working model (in terms of technology), it comes down to having a remote option. But it also has to do with general technological challenges that come with in-person work. Outdated technology is an inconvenience for employees. When it comes to employees in a commercial building, many times it all comes down to amenities. Amenities bring benefits to employees and help curate memorable experiences. If your employees are expressing difficulties regarding restrooms or cubicles, it may be time to listen and consider a commercial remodel.

Assess Your Current Equipment and Furniture

If you are contemplating whether your commercial space needs a remodel, assess your equipment and furniture. If your tables, desks, or other furniture have noticeable stains or they look like they came from another decade, they need to go. Interior designers play an important role in the design and layout of a space. Modern workplaces are eliminating high-touch areas to lessen the spread of diseases. Consider installing modern, touchless access control systems that utilize fobs, mobile devices, and tablets.

If you’re considering redesigning your office to adapt to the growing popularity of the hybrid working model, remember to consider providing appropriate spacing, keeping safe and clean levels of ventilation, and helping employees work from home successfully. By improving your space with a fresh remodel, you are sure to lure employees back into the office. You can trust Omni Commercial Group to design and execute your new office floor plans. Contact us today to get started on your commercial remodeling project!